Sellers,  There is a Downside to Commission Cutting

Several reasons why you should not hire a “discount” agent

Selecting an agent to sell your home is one of the most important decisions an owner can make. Having the right real estate agent is crucial. There are many criteria that goes in to selecting the correct agent. Choosing an agent based solely on the lowest commission could end up being a disaster Click here to find out why…

Weak Negotiators – if the lowest fee agents are so willing to give up their commission, what’s going to happen when they are negotiating for you and your money?!

Less Experience – many newer agents and/or less skilled agents discount their fees because it’s the only way they can get business. They don’t receive referrals or get past clients as repeat clients because they provide inferior service. Do you want an inexperienced agent handling the sale of what may be your biggest asset?

Minimal Marketing – There are big costs to agents of running a real estate business and servicing their clients properly and successfully. Agents with low fees will have less money to spend on marketing your home.

Desperate – Not all agents have a thriving business. You may get an agent who is doing poorly and desperate to make a sale. Any sale. Do you want a desperate agent selling your home?

“Bait-and-Switch” Agents – Some agents will tell you a low fee initially. But when you meet with them to discuss their marketing strategies, that low fee is only for their “bare bones” plan. If you want their entire arsenal their fee will be higher. Of course you will want, and deserve, their 100% efforts. So their fee will be significantly higher than their original quote. Are you interested in working with an agent like this?

 Here’s the deal…

You get what you pay for. So instead of looking for bargain brokers, call an experienced, reputable, trustworthy, honest agent and talk with them.